The Eclectic Company
          Your one-stop shop for creative services -- and the online home of radio talents
          such as Famous Amos!, Linda Silver, and Brian Davis.
Comedy writer/producer/voice guy Mike Pollock ... if the sound exists, he can replicate it. And the outtakes are even funnier!
The official website of the legendary WVWA/Pound Ridge, the station that launched a thousand quips, so brilliantly showcased in NINE! and Ninety-Nine! (And yes, the sultry female voice at 6:19 in on the latter is none other than Anita Bonita.)
Want consultant? Get Pete!
Pete Salant, Broadcast Consultant
Uncle Ricky's ReelRadio Top 40 Repository Former programmer Richard W. Irwin's labour of love, documenting -- through airchecks, jingles, and comments -- the rich and varied history of Contemporary Hit Radio.
Looking for a specific sound for your imaging, spot, narration, TV VO, etc.?  Check out Adam Goodman's voiceover supermarket. If you can't find it there, it just doesn't exist.
Scott-FM...plays Rhythm & Gold!

Rhythm & Gold ... the best station on the Internet.

JAM Productions
Jingles all the way, baby! Nobody knows more about the art of the jingle than Jonathan Wolfert, and these two websites should be all the proof you need.
PAMS of Dallas!